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Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. The city is surrounded by beautiful beaches and the natural beauty of this region is unmatched. The city itself is a typical busy metropolitan with all the modern day facilities.

If you want to enjoy your stay at Bangkok properly, you will have to know not only about the city itself but also about the ways to reach there.

Bangkok is located in the South East Asian part of the world. It is one of the most urbanized cities in this part of the world. It is one of the most important tourism destinations in the world. Bangkok happens to be one of the peopleís favorite when it comes to traveling and tourism. It is a nice place with lots of tourist attractions. All these attractions make this place a very nice and attractive city to visit as a tourist. The city has a very active and fun filled night life. The place is a really nice one from the point of view of the natural beauty of the region. The beaches are extremely attractive here

Bangkok is connected to the rest of the world through various routes. One way of reaching Bangkok is to travel by road or by train. There are many road and railway networks which connect Bangkok not only to other parts of Thailand but to other countries as well. Although this method of traveling to Bangkok is a much cheaper way, but most of the people prefer traveling by air.

The reason of the success of this mode of transport in this case is that Bangkok is now well connected to the rest of the world through aerial routes. Most of the important airlines of the world have their routes dot Bangkok. It takes less time to reach Bangkok in this way. Thus if you want to enjoy your stay at Bangkok for longer time, you should reach here by air.

You can look for the travel map of the city by searching through the internet. Many maps of Bangkok are available online. You can click on the landmarks to see their pictures and the routers which can very easily take you to that place. And by clicking on the road it will shows all the information about that road itís linking roads and where this road reaches. You also can make online booking in the hotels and restaurants from all over the world.

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