Language And Culture In Bangkok

Bangkok can be considered as one of the most important cites in the world as far as tourism and traveling is concerned.

It is located in the South East Asian region and is known as a tourist destination. It is a very attractive city to visit. People from all parts of the world visit this city every year.

There are many attractions of this city which are the main cause of the regular influx of the tourists in this region. The reason behind a very successful and well developed tourism industry is not only the beauty of this region or the shopping centers, the culture of this place and the behavior of the people with the tourists is also important. This is the reason that people love to visit Bangkok on regular basis. The language and culture of Thailand and especially of Bangkok is very interesting and attractive for the tourists.

The Thai language is spoken most commonly in Bangkok. Thai language is very close to the other languages of this region. The use of vowels and other letters is very similar in Thai with Chinese or Japanese. These languages are called as tonal. Forty four alphabets are used in Thai language. There is a little bit sense of grammar in Thai language. No past, present and future tense concept. No article usage, no plural idea and there is not and usage of capital words. This shows that the language is not complicated and free from every rules and regulations. 

Thai use many values and attitudes to demonstrate their expressions. For example the Wai is much common social custom of the Thai community. They say hello with out speaking any word but just their body expressions. It is learned from the childhood and is a second nature of Thai people. These gestures are a part of their lives. The people here are friendly and the overall culture of the city is conducive for the development of the tourism industry. This is what people like best about Bangkok.

The life of Bangkok is very fast. The city seems to be under the effect of the developing tourism industry. As a lot of visitors come here every year, you find that many people in Bangkok can speak more than one language. The culture generally is very friendly. People of Bangkok are generally religious and this is the reason that you find a vast number of temples scattered in Bangkok.

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