Food and Drinks In Bangkok

Like any other metropolitan city in the world Bangkok has a number of restaurants located here. A majority of these restaurants serve local food as well as continental food.

Although Sea food is the preferred type of food here in Bangkok, you find a variety of food which is eaten here in Bangkok. The influx of tourists also demands a variety of cuisines to be served here.

 Bangkok‘s food and drinks are very famous in Asian countries and due to this characteristic it is available in many hotels, all over the world. Usually Bangkok food is made from plant and meat ingredients. As there are plenty of rivers and canals in Thailand so the fish and marine food are favorites. In Bangkok’s restaurants many world famous cuisines are also available along with many variations of Thai food. German, Indian, Italian and Japanese dishes are much liked by the Thai People.

Soups are a common food. The most popular of the soups taken here in Bangkok are made of shrimps. Tom Yang Kun (shrimp) is the most popular soup in Bangkok. This soup uses Shrimps as the most important ingredient while Tom Yang Gai is made by boiling chicken. This soup is also very popular here. Both of these soups are hot and spicy. Most of the food eaten in Thailand is spicy and hot. It has become one of the most famous cuisines of the world due to the spices it has.

 Curries are also popular in Bangkok. Fish curries and chicken curries are equally popular. You will find a variety of nightclubs, bars and pubs in Bangkok. The pubs will serve you some food as well as the drinks while the bars will serve only drinks. Fruits are also vital part of the food of Thai people. Every foreign fruit is available in Bangkok along with common regional fruit. Mangoes, kiwi, passion fruit, and watermelon are commonly used fruits in Bangkok. These fruits are available here at very cheap rates.

 Fruit juices are consumed by Thai people a lot. Lots of vegetables are also used by the people of Thailand in their food. In Bangkok you will find lots of restaurants which serve vegetable dishes. Some of the dishes have only vegetables while a clear majority of dishes has both vegetables and sea food as ingredients. As a lot of tourists visit Bangkok every year, you will find a lot of cuisines being served here in Bangkok.

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