What To See In Atlanta

When it comes to sightseeing, whether it be history, fun and entertainment, amusement or scenery, Atlanta takes a lead above others in the state of Georgia. The biggest attraction for tourists in Atlanta is the city’s Georgia Aquarium, inaugurated in the year 2005. The place is a wonder in itself.

Almost 3million tourists visited Georgia Aquarium after its inauguration and remains the first stop for Atlanta tourists. The Aquarium is a place for fun and education with its five themed areas of aquatic life. It is a great indoor activity for both the young ones and adults.

Tanks up to 30 feet in depth house the Whale sharks, which makes the audience, gasp with amazement at their sizes and the display. Penguins in the Cold Water Quest is a delight for children especially.For tourists who love the outdoors and want to have some real fun in the open air, the Sea World is a place to be, children would love this outdoor activity with high jumping dolphins and whales.Another great place to see is the newly opened New World of Coca Cola, which is a museum dedicated to the world renowned corporation.

The museum offers a tasting room for visitors, and one can taste all the possible products of Coca Cola, this calls for a major temptation for Coca Cola fans.Tourists who are mor inclined to see the history of Atlanta, Martin Luther King Jr, National historic Site, shows the great man’s efforts in the movement of civil rights. The church, where he preached and his birth place are also nearby; there are exhibits for tourists to see who want to know about his life and his legacy.

Another great historic place to be is the Atlanta Cyclorama; this place is a piece of art in itself and depicts the times of the civil war back in 1864. The city of Atlanta is most popularly known for its history and its involvement in the civil war, there have been several novels, plays and movies based on the back drop the civil war times. Most famous of them is “Gone With The Wind”. The Cyclorama, as its name indicates, is circular painting, which depicts the battle which was carried on in Atlanta.

You can see it inside a revolving theatre. It is an enchanting presentation, even in this day and age of digital graphics.A delight for families with kids, Little Five Points is a place to take them to. The place is full of shops and malls, where kids can find anything and everything they would want to buy.Apart from all these, Atlanta houses science, art, and nature museums, opera houses, presidential library, Confederate heritage sites and numerous art galleries.

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