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Atlanta is one of the most populous cities in the united State of America. It is located towards the South East of the North American continent. The state of Georgia is located towards the East of the Continent of North America.

As the state is coastal, the effect of Atlantic Ocean on the climate of Atlanta is very prominent. You can find the oceanic effects even in the areas which are not coastal. Atlantic Ocean is a huge body of water. It has its effects on the climate of Atlanta.

Atlanta receives around 2 inches of rain fall annually. The total precipitation is a much higher figure. Most of the precipitation is in the form of rain. The month of July is the wettest month. You can expect lots of rain in the month of July in Atlanta. No month is a rain less month in particular. Although, a major part of the rain fall happens in the months of summers, the winters are not absolutely dry.

July happens to be the hottest month of the year. The temperature may rise to around 90 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Although the effects of Atlantic Ocean are there, still you find sort of continental climate in Atlanta. The range of temperature is very high. In winters, the temperature may drop below 11 degree Fahrenheit. This is an amazing range of temperature which supports the growth of vegetables and fruits here.

In general the climate is of sub humid type. No month in particular can be considered as a dry month. In comparison to the other months, the summer months get more rain fall. Although the place experiences coastal effect, the effects of the latitudes are also very prominent. The city has a tropical climate. This kind of climate usually experiences extreme temperatures in winters as well as in summers. In Atlanta however, the winters are mild and not extremely cold. A major reason of this is the famous Gulf Stream. Due to this ocean current, the coasts of Georgia and the other neighboring states are free of ice bergs all through the year.

Formation of fronts is very common in this region of the world. You can find the effects of these fronts in the climate of Atlanta. The low temperatures in the winters are due to the arctic fronts. In summers, the high temperatures are also due to the formation of warm fronts. One important feature in the weather of Atlanta is the ice storms. These storms are very frequent and can decrease the temperature of the city to as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Over all, the city is a place which has a healthy climate. The tropical influences make it hot while the coastal influence makes it humid.

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