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In case you are planning to have a nice little vacation with your friends or family, or even if you are planning to travel alone for a few days, it is perhaps time you need to pick up an Atlanta Travel Guide.

Yes. Atlanta can prove to be just the place that you were looking for to spend a quality holiday time. Pick up any standard Atlanta Travel Guide and you will know the reason why.

Located in the region of the piedmont plateau, this place enjoys a pleasantly cool weather that has been one of the reasons for the development of this wonderful city. The Atlanta Travel Guide would not say you that this place in particular is known widely for the travel and tourism aspect. It has predominantly been a place where people live and work. But this much from the Atlanta Travel guide is only the half story. Reality is, there are quite a good number of places which you need to see once you have managed a trip to this beautiful city in the southern parts of the US.

This place is also known widely for being an important exhibition and conference venue. This is largely due to the geographical location of the city . Any standard Atlanta Travel Guide will let you know about the way Atlanta is well connected with the near and far off places. Look up at the air way transport in any Atlanta Travel Guide, and you will get to see that Atlanta boasts of the busiest airport in the world – the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. It is situated about 8 miles from the heart of the city. the railway and road way transport in and around the city is also quite impressive.

The Amtrak (railway) connects this city with the important places like Philadelphia, New York, Washington, Baltimore, Charlotte, and New Orleans on a regular basis. The Atlanta Travel Guide will impress you with the fact that this city is also well connected to all parts of the US by good quality road transport as well.

Once you set your foot on this particular city, the Atlanta Travel Guide will definitely tell you about the ‘must do’s in this wonderful place. The down town Atlanta is sure to consume a lot of your time. You cannot miss the captivating sights like the Philips Arena, Underground Atlanta, VSA Arts of Georgia, The King Center, and so on. the same holds true for the mid town Atlanta as well. Once you have consulted one of those standard Atlanta Travel Guide your stay in Atlanta is sure to be more than worth the bill. This you can remain assured of.

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