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The State of Georgia is located on the Eastern coast of North American continent. Atlantic Ocean lies to the East of it. It is possible for the visitors to reach the state by water ways and then they can reach Atlanta by Air or by road.

Atlanta is also connected to the rest of the state and to the other parts of the country through railway network. For passengers coming from overseas, air travel is the major mean of getting to Atlanta.

As North America continent is a huge continent, you may need to travel for a long stretch of time if you plan to travel by road. Still, it is your choice. The road network in the United State of America is a highly developed one. You can enjoy your by road travel if you want to. Most often than not, people travel by air to reach Atlanta. The principal airport of Atlanta is the Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta international airport, located around 8 miles from downtown city. To facilitate the passengers, facilities of car rentals, taxis and airport shuttle vans are available for ground transportation .A Marta station is present at the airport which provides convenient and cheap traveling for passengers who have to travel to northern Atlanta, midtown or downtown.

Amtrak’s crescent train serves Atlanta. It runs daily serving new Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and vice versa northbound, it leaves New Orleans at 7 am, calls at Atlanta at 8 pm reaching New York around 2 pm.Southbound, it leaves New York at 3, calls at Atlanta at 3 pm reaching New Orleans around 8 pm. he Amtrak station in Atlanta is located several miles from downtown and the airport at 1688 Peachtree St, N.W. a bus or a taxi is usually required to complete the journey.

All these modes of transport are swift and dependable. You can plan your journey according to the mode of transport which suits you the best. Another common mean of traveling to and from Atlanta is through buses. Greyhound bus lines provide bus services from many locations throughout the USA to Atlanta. Terminal of greyhound bus lines is located at 232 Forsyth Street.

The most popular means of traveling to and from Atlanta is through cars. The interstate highway network connects Atlanta to the rest of the USA. Crossing through downtown, the principal interstate highways serving Atlanta are 1-20, 1-75 and 1-85.All these free ways and the airport are connected to 1-285 circling the city about 10 miles away. You can use any of the above mentioned means to reach Atlanta. Being a famous tourist destination, Atlanta is well connected to the rest of the world.

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