History Of Atlanta

Atlanta is a great historic city and has been the center of the historic civil war in the year 1864. The city saw the battle, and was burned down to nothing by the Yankee forces.

It emerged yet again as a city full of strength and vigor and re-built the town with an energy and zest which is Atlanta’s strength. Going back in history, The small town of terminus emerged at the end point of a railroad line in 1837. Its name was changed from terminus to Marthasville to Atlanta.

Within 10 years of its emergence, it got incorporated and quickly became the regional transportation hub.At the start of the civil war, Atlanta was a town of population less than 10,000. By then, it had already earned the title of “gate city of the south” for itself. The union’s army laid siege of Atlanta in July 1864 and captured it after more than a month of fighting. The union army’s general William Tecumseh Sherman recognized its strategic importance and on their march towards the sea they burnt the whole city down to ashes and in their opinion crushing the soul of this splendid city. Atlanta proved the union army and the whole world wrong in their fight back to prosperity.

The seal of the city includes a fiery phoenix emerging from the ashes. And without a doubt, Atlanta rose to its feet like a strong, full of life phoenix. Atlanta was rebuilt from nothing at the end of the civil war with the tireless work and devotion of its residents. The city prospered and grew continuously and became the capital of the state of Georgia in 1868.

Continuous and sincere efforts were made by the people of Atlanta to expand its influence of .the cotton states and international exposition was hosted by Atlanta in 1895 and the regional branch of the Federal Reserve Bank was relocated here. By the year 1920, business and industry had started to relocate to Atlanta progressively.The city had gained national importance by the mid of the twentieth century. A major reason for that was the Atlanta’s role in the civil rights movement.

 Atlanta had one of the best-organized and the most significant African-American communities in America, which nurtured many leaders of the civil rights movement in the 1950s, with Martin Luther king jr. leading all of them and being the most popular amongst them. Atlanta hosted the centennial Olympic Games in 1996, winning the bid to host the games in 1990.this told the world that Atlanta is no longer a city of mere national importance.Today, with a population of 4.5 million and a great rate of progress, Atlanta stands as a city of great international importance.

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