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Atlanta, the biggest city in the North American state of Georgia is an exciting city, which keeps growing with time. Itís a beautiful combination of business, history and entertainment. The city is a cosmopolitan with modern buildings that compliment the old mansions and the historic sites.

The city has some of the best historic monuments, which are remnants of the civil war. Atlanta is an exciting and a vibrant place to be.Atlanta is famous for its southern food, restaurants, its night life and its amazing shopping malls.

The city offers something for everyone, and is a source of continuous amusement. The city offers a mixture of history, culture and modern lifestyle. Therefore, a trip to Atlanta entails nonstop fun.Atlanta has one of the most modern and intricate railway system named Marta, which allows convenient travel to the whole city and even out of the city. A car is a mandatory thing to go around Atlanta, as it is a big city and having a car at your disposal will not hinder you from visiting and sightseeing at any time of the day and at any place you fancy.

 A hotel near to the railway station can be very convenient for tourists. Buckhead is the most fashionable and posh area of Atlanta, it is also a center of Atlantaís nightlife with theatres, clubs, discos, bars and a lot more. Five Points, is the place to go for shoppers to see, with its interesting shops, stores and coffee shops. Atlanta is an urban city with a touch of everything in it.

Atlanta is famous for housing the headquarters of CNN, the most popular news network, and tours are also available for people wanting to have a look around it. Atlanta has many trendy shopping malls, one of them is the underground mall in the downtown area, with its modern interior, is a place for tourists to visit, but it is better for tourists to keep a safety check while traveling in these area during night time.

Atlanta is ranked amongst the best cities and is a dynamic place. The city has both bohemian and urban feel to it, although it is safe to stroll in the city, but it is always advisable to keep away from lonely places during night time, especially if you are not well acquainted with the areas and the map of Atlanta.

The Hartsfield International Airport is well connected to the city, therefore, it can not be a problem for tourists to reach the city center with any mode of transportation they would prefer, the best mode of commute from and to the airport is the subway, although, taxiís or rent a car are also equally convenient.

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