Atlanta Tour Vacations

There are a number of guided tours available for tourists to explore Atlanta. Tourists can avail this facility at any time of the year according to their interests and desire.The Atlanta Preservation Center offers a few guided tours of the city.

Some of them are offered only at some times of the year, but the Fox Theatre tour is offered around the year.Exclusive Fox Theatre District Tour is a big attraction; this tour lets the tourists explore the studio in depth, visiting the theatres auditoriums and the courtyards of the Cairo Mosque.

The Grant Tour Park amuses the tourists with its tour inside the Grant Park, which contains a scenic lake, an amusement area and numerous springs.
Grant Park, the centerpiece of a revitalized neighborhood, became a favorite spot because of its beautiful lake, numerous springs, and amusement area. It's now home to the Atlanta Cyclorama and Zoo Atlanta. The tour entertains the tourists by showing them Atlanta’s history from the civil war times till the present times.

Another tour which enlightens Atlanta’s history is the Historic Downtown Tour, which survey’s Atlanta’s architectural monuments which includes Victorian buildings and modern multi storeyed buildings. This tour is a treat for people who love architectural wonders and also for those who want to learn about architecture as a subject. The Inman Park Tour which is carried out between the months of March through November takes visitors and tourists through the restored and the preserved Victorian mansions.

The Ansley Part Tour takes you through Atlanta’s earliest garden suburbs. Which is a neighborhood in the middle of the city now. This suburb was designed by Fredrick Law. It is a beautiful place to see, with big lawns, old majestic trees, grand houses and beautiful parks.The Walking Daisy’s Druid Hill tour, a tour based on the famous Hollywood movie and play “Driving Miss Daisy”, walks you through the setting of this movie. The landscape for this setting was also designed by Fredrick Law.

The Sweet Auburn District Tour focuses on the area developed by the 20th century entrepreneurs of African American descent. It also shows the church where the great preacher of civil rights preached most of his life.The Historic Underground Tour which takes you through the Underground complex, City Hall, State Capitol, Fulton County Courthouse and churches of the pre-civil war era.The Midtown Tour which is usually offered from March till October offers you to explore the Midtown area and its many faces.

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