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Atlanta is a city always hustling and bustling with life. The city holds a special bond with its residents, and has always had the spirit of unity to work together, just from the start after the civil war; the city has never looked back and has worked its way right up to the top. The city has been a dramatic place through out its history and now with its gleaming skyline and high rise buildings literally spells the world energy.

The Olympics hosted in 1996 by the Atlanta people made the world recognize this city’s strength, and also opened its doors to the world to come and visit this spectacular city, making it a favorite for the tourists and visitors alike.

Atlanta, like always is busy with new constructional and development projects. Latest projects include the $214 m Georgia Dome, the biggest ever Georgia Aquarium, and the new look of the Coca Cola headquarters.Atlanta is famous for its economic activity and the best environment for business. It is home to a number of world renowned corporations like Coca Cola, Holiday Inn hotels and resorts, BellSouth, Delta Airlines etc.

Atlanta is situated at the converging point of three of the biggest highways in the state of Georgia, and also has the busiest airport the country has seen.Atlanta is famous for its shopping malls and markets, and is the busiest city in the Southeast. The city has a population of 4.1million and an area of 131 square miles, but the city is still expanding and growing with every day.

Atlanta is not only famous for its economic and commercial activity, but also for the quality of life it offers. The city is lined with trees, and numerous parks in the neighborhoods. The moderate temperature makes it an outdoor city; the city with its Southern history ensures hospitality. Atlanta has always been a multi cultural city, and its growth has always attracted people across the world to come and settle there. Although, one can hear the so talked and written about Southern accent very commonly, but half of Atlanta’s population consists of people who were not born here. Although, all of them follow the city’s local customs and traditions with respect.

Recent changes in the city’s lifestyle include the conversion of old buildings into apartment buildings in the down town area in order to promote central living. The newly elected first female African-American mayor of the city ‘Shirley Franklin’ is headed to make the city as big and attractive as it can be.Atlanta is heading towards the direction of expansion and modernism and is seen as a city full of vigor, vibrancy, rich culture, heritage and strong commerce.

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