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Atlanta, like most of the developed cities has an excellent network of roads which connects it to the rest of the country. The city is easily accessible by various means, which includes waterway, roads and railways.

Atlanta’s airport is a one of the biggest airport in the United States and is extremely well planned, the airport staff is always there to guide people if the enormity of the airport confuses or worries someone.

Atlanta airport named ‘Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport’ is one of the busiest airports in the Unites States of America. It is located 10 miles towards the south end of downtown Atlanta. The airport is quite near to the city’s downtown and thus is easily accessible. For tourists with fewer luggages, the best option to commute from the airport to the city center is through the subway, which is the cheapest means of commuting, and it stops inside the airport for an easy accessibility of the passengers. The subway takes the least time to arrive and has a very economical fare

While riding in a taxi from the airport, it takes almost half an hour to reach the downtown area. The taxis use the interstate highways, which are all connected to each other, which allow travelers and visitors with the convenience of traveling according to their own timings and needs.Shuttle vans from the airport operate for the convenience of the passengers to and from the midtown every 15 minutes between 0600hrs till 2330hrs to the areas of downtown, Emory University, Buckhead and the Conference Center.

These vans depart from the south terminal of the airport with an interval of 15 minutes for both ways towards the city and from the city. This shuttle service provided by the airport management makes it extremely convenient for tourists and visitors to commute.The best way to reach is the city is to rent a car of your own choice, which also gives you the freedom of getting around the city even if the hotel you are staying at is not near to the city’s center. While using your own car, the directions are easy to reach the city centre; the airport is situated off I-85, which later on converges into the I-75 when you are heading towards the downtown area.

The whole of Atlanta city is encircled by the ring road Interstate-285, which circles the whole city and can be easily followed with I-85, which is almost 3 miles towards the south end of Hartsfield. There are three other interstate roads which crisscross the city, these roads are interstate 75, which runs north to south of Michigan to Florida, interstate 85 which runs towards the southwest of Virginia-Alabama, and interstate, which spans South Carolina and Texas from the east to west.

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