What To See In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Europeís most sought after tourist destination. Every year, around 4 million tourists visit Amsterdam. During the 1950ís, tourism in Amsterdam actually gained momentum.

when the real character of Amsterdam began to be a focus of attention fro tourists. While making your way through the city, there are places which you simply must see

Tourism has become a major contributor in Amsterdamís economic activity. Visitors and tourists are most attracted towards the 17th century ambience of the old city centre. With its historic buildings, renowned museums, narrow streets and beautiful canals. Tourists discover a charm which reminds them of the golden bygone days which is complemented with the excitement of a metropolitan city.

Some of the most recommended tourist attractions are:

Anne Frank house is a historic home, where Anne Frank and three other families hid from the Naziís atrocities.

Museums are a great attraction for tourists in Amsterdam; the city is literally full of museums and history.

Van Gogh Museum contains the largest collection of artwork from this renowned Dutch painter. It is haven for art lovers, and tourists from all over the world with a love fro this great artistís work come to see this marvellous place.

Museum Het Rembrandthuis is the historic house in which Rembrandt lived in the 17th century. The house is converted into a museum, in order to pay homage to the great artist.

National Museum, contains a large collection of Dutch art and history.

Sauna Deco is a luxurious and a respectable sauna, where people looking for relaxation can enjoy.

Dam Square is almost the town centre; all roads in Amsterdam lead directly or indirectly to the Dam Square. War Memorial and Nieukerk surround this busy town square.

Heineken Experience is a theme park, along with a museum and a brewery.

Boom Chicago is a great comedy club, with amusing comedy performances.

National Museum of Modern Art features the artwork of masters such as Picasso, Cťzanne, Mondrian, Matisse and Monet.

West church is a renaissance church, which can be identified by its tower with height of 245 feet; this church also contains the grave of the great painter of the 17th century Rembrandt, who was buried here after his death.

New Metropolis Science and Technology centre, popularly known as NEMO is Amsterdamís centre for science and technology, tourists with interest in science tech will enjoy this place, with its green copper houses, tourists can experience various experiments, displays and computer simulations.

Willet-Hothouse Museum is another historic home converted into an art museum. Tourists can tour this 17th century home which is built near the canal, and is full of period furniture and original artwork, donated by Louisa Willet, the owner of this beautiful historic house in 1895.

There are several other tourist attractions in Amsterdam which constantly attract tourist to this beautiful and enchanting place.

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