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Amsterdam is one of the most populous cities of Netherlands. Netherlands is located towards the west of the European mainland and it is one of the highly developed countries of European Union. Located near the Atlantic Ocean and towards the North of Mediterranean Sea, the country as a whole experiences oceanic effects on the weather. Generally speaking, the city lies in the zone of Mediterranean climate. This kind of climate is very different from other climate types.

 Amsterdam like the rest of the Mediterranean zone experiences rain fall in the winter season due to the depressions originating from the Mediterranean Sea.

The weather in Amsterdam is pleasant in the summers. It is a better idea to visit Amsterdam in summers as winters may be very cloudy, rainy and some times foggy. As the temperatures in the summer months are not very high, the sunshine is considered to be a blessing by the residents of Amsterdam. This sunshine makes summers the best time of the year to visit Amsterdam. In summers you need light weight clothes and a pair of walking shoes to enjoy the life of Amsterdam city to its fullest. Morning showers are common in Amsterdam even in the months of summers, so it is advised that you add an umbrella to your luggage before you leave for Amsterdam.

The spring season as well as the fall season in the city of Amsterdam is good time to visit Amsterdam. The weather is very pleasant till the month of May. May is the best month to travel Amsterdam as this is the month in which the city of Amsterdam receives the least rainfall. As a result, if you visit Amsterdam in the month of May, you will have ample time to see the popular sites. July is the warmest month in Amsterdam. During this month the temperature may some times rise above 65 Degrees F. The average temperature in the month of July however remains lower than 63 degrees F. The range of temperature in this part of the world is impressive as Amsterdam experiences cold winters and mild summers.

If you plan to visit Amsterdam in the winter months, you should carry warm clothes with you. The temperatures may drop as low as 37 degrees F in the month of January. The area experiences lots of winds in almost all the seasons. The wind in this zone generally blows towards the west and it is rarely faster than 10 kilometers per hour. The oceanic effect results in higher level of humidity. Although this high level of relative humidity may cause a problem for people, but this is not the case with Amsterdam. As the winds blow very regularly in this city, the weather almost always is pleasant.

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