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Amsterdam is the biggest city of Netherlands. It is situated in the Northern Province of Holland which is called Noord Holland. It is the financial, cultural and commercial hub of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is Netherlands capital city as well, although the government center has been The Hague. Amsterdam comprises of numerous islands, there are approx.160 canals, which divide Amsterdam into almost 90 islands. These islands are joined together by 1,000 bridges.

The canals of Amsterdam are a major tourist attraction, during the summers, these canals form a focal point for tourists activities as well as many cultural activities, which includes the cultural festival and the performances held on board for tourists to enjoy, apart from the historic buildings, museums and old houses.Amsterdam, being situated in almost the center of the European Union, serves as the EUís commercial center. Almost all of the big corporations have their headquarters in Amsterdam making it an important economic city. Since past many decades, Amsterdamís tourism has become a major industry in the country, generating a major of the total revenue.

Amsterdamís port is also the countryís second largest one after Rotterdam. It links to the Northern Sea and rest of the European countries through railways, roads and canals. Schiphol is the cityís main airport, and is also amongst Europeís busiest airport.
The city uses electric trams for transportation as well as fast commuter trains. Amsterdam is a cycling city, and mostly people use bicycles to ride within the city, as private cars are not allowed inside the city center. Cycling also becomes a fun activity in the beautiful summers and one can enjoy the surroundings and the beauty of Amsterdam to its fullest.

Amsterdam is inhibited by 739,300 people. The official language spoken by residents is Dutch, but mostly people speak fluent English and German Almost 38 percent of the total population consists of Roman Catholics, which is the biggest religious group in the city.
The tourist office is a one stop for all the information related to the city for tourists. In order to visit the famous world renowned museums, the tourist office offers a card, which serves as the entrance ticket for museum visits.

Amsterdam like most of the developed capitals is a safe place to visit, and walking around the city can be done fearlessly, although, belongings should never be left alone.The architecture of Amsterdam is based upon narrow waterside houses and mansions, along with the eighteen century warehouses make a spectacular architectural wonder.Markets in Amsterdam sell brightly colored tulips and other flowers in abundance, which also makes up a source of revenue for the country.Amsterdam is city with a balanced and an eclectic blend of both the traditional and the modern world, which makes it a treat for vacations and a haven for tourists.

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