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The international airport in Amsterdam is Schiphol Airport, which is situated at a distance of 8 miles from the city of Amsterdam. This international airport connects Amsterdam with the whole world,

as all the major airlines land here. KLM is the national carrier of the Netherlands. Schiphol has been ranked one of the best airports worldwide with its efficient service and cool atmosphere.

Mostly tourists arrive at other neighboring countries by air and travel to Amsterdam through trains etc, due to the fact that air fares for Netherlands are comparatively higher than that of other European countries. Fast commuter trains frequently leave from the Schiphol airport, thereby, enabling visitors, tourists, students and businessmen easy access to the city center in only 20 minutes.

Amsterdam is also accessible by train from all the major cities of Europe. The railway service offers trains departing from Paris and Luxembourg which travels through Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam, and The Hague finally reaching Amsterdam. These journeys take almost six hours. Another train which passes through Germany, France and Switzerland also starts off from Luxembourg. A new train, the Thalys, which is a fast modern train, travels through Brussels and Antwerp going to and from Paris. This train takes comparatively lesser time and reaches Amsterdam in only four and a half hours. Getting to Amsterdam by bus takes longer, but the bus services such as the Euro lines or the Hoover Speed city Sprint offer a number of destinations to and from Amsterdam.

Amsterdam can also be traveled through the ferry, as the canals in Amsterdam is a major tourist attraction, and attracts hordes of tourists every year, it would be a delight to travel through ferry. The P&O ferries service offer a regular car ferry every day between Rotterdam and Hull, giving a romantic and relaxing ride on to the canals. The journey usually takes almost fourteen hours. Another ferry service, Scandinavian Seaways also offers a daily ferry service from New Castle upon Tyne to Ijmuiden.Inside the Netherlands, commuting from various parts of the country is extremely easy, as all villages, towns and cities, regardless of their size, offer some type of public transport.

The most frequently used form of travel is through the railways. The Netherlands Railways popularly known as the NS serves every single place inside the country. The inter city trains leave after every fifteen minutes, and sometimes to some rural destinations, they also leave after every thirty minutes.

People mostly prefer trains for longer routes than buses; buses are mostly used only for regional travel. The most favored and easy on the pocket mode of transportation inside the city is the 1`bicycle; it is usually preferred by the  tourists because it gives a hassle free and cheap mode of transportation.

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